Unlock Delivery Freedom

Instantly automate package deliveries for your property with the all-new HAVYN H10 smart locker system

Zero-down, risk-free package management solution


Works in any property


Fully automates package delivery


Maintenance included

Your residents will love the security and convenience

package sizes

24/7 protected package pickup

package sizes

Fits all parcels up to 20” x 18” x 16”

package sizes

Built-in customer support

Exclusive charter customer offer

Are you a building manager who wants to simplify your deliveries?

How It Works

delivery person arrives

Package Arrives

The delivery person scans the package barcode. One of the locker doors pops open and they place the package inside

tenant is alerted via text

Tenant Receives Alert

HAVYN sends a text message to the tenant with a code to open the locker with their package

receive package

Package Received

The tenant scans their code and the locker with their item opens

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