Unlock Delivery Freedom

Fully automate package delivery for your tenants with the HAVYN standalone smart locker system

How Does It Work?

delivery person arrives

Package Arrives

The delivery person scans the package barcode. One of the locker doors pops open and they place the package inside

tenant is alerted via text

Tenant Receives Alert

HAVYN sends a text message to the tenant with a code to open the locker with their package

receive package

Package Received

The tenant scans their code and the locker with their item opens

HAVYN is the first standalone indoor/outdoor locker system for automating tenant package deliveries

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Who's building this thing?

Meet the HAVYN team; a dedicated group of hardware entrepreneurs based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mike Myers, CEO

Mechanical engineer specializing in design and manufacturing consulting with expertise developing products in a wide variety of materials and industries.

Mike Myers

Founder & CEO

Daniel Anderson, CTO

Software developer with broad experience creating web and phone based applications with a strong emphasis on user experience design.

Daniel Anderson


Marketing & Sales

Creator of marketing strategies, shareable content and partnerships for 55+ startups as a director for Readwrite Labs.

Ian Fletcher

Business Relations

Marketing & Sales

User experience and design specialist for physical and digital products and recent Hax Hardware Accelerator alumni.

Amy Solenberg

Industrial Design

Electrical Engineering

Expert in PCB design and intellectual property with over 40 patents to his name.

Lou Lippincott

Electrical Engineer

South Valley Angels

President of the GLJ group and managing director of the South Valley Angels. Focused on helping startups develop strategy and prepare for a successful launch.

Gary Jinks


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